About Discussion Finder

Discussion Finder was established in 2014 to ease the search for discussion topics hosted by online forums. With thousands of topics being discussed every day across millions of online forums founder Geoff Currey decided to build a portal site linking people with a desire to talk about a specific topic with the online forum discussions taking place about that topic.

Discussion Finder listings cover hundreds of topics from speciality forums making it a prime destination for anybody looking for a topic to suite them.

As a registered member of Discussion Finder you will be able to submit topics from the forums you are using and vote for the topics you find interesting and encourage other people to join in. If you are a regular poster to a forum and want to encourage people to join a discussion taking place on that forum then you can submit that topic link to Discussion Finder.

Discussion Finder does not host discussions or run forums on our site. If there is a topic you want to join you will need to join the forum hosting that topic.