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Discussion Finder is the place to find online discussion forum topics that interest you. By joining discussion finder you can vote for the topics that you like the most and they will be listed in your profile for other members to see. If you like a discussion on a forum then all you need to do is give it a thumbs up. When a discussion has four UpVotes it will permanently remain in the category it was submitted to.

Advantages of Discussion Finder

Unlike a traditional forum directory which will list only the front page of each forum website, discussion finder has listings of the actual topics within the forum sites. This makes it easier for you to find specific discussions on a forum that you may have missed using other search methods and gives you an easier way to find discussion one general forums with not particular niche.

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Discussion Finder for Forum Admins and Webmasters

Welcome to Discussion Finder. As a forum owner you know getting your forum found by people interested in your forum can be one of the hardest things to do so we have created a solution. Discussion Finder is an online forum discussion topic portal that allows you to submit the URL of each topic in your forum to be voted on by our members. When your topic has four Up Votes it will be permanently listed in the category it was submitted to.

You can encourage your forum members to submit their topics to Discussion Finder or you can submit them yourself. A good tip to begin with is to submit the most active topics on your forum and some of the ones topics with written titles and good flow of conversation.

The advantages of Using Discussion Finder

– Free promotion for your forum
– Targeted marketing bringing people directly to the topic on your forum interests them
– Community choice so only the best and most informative topics remain permanently listed

Now you are ready to begin please register and start submitting your discussion topic URLs.

About Forum Software

A discussion forum, some times referred to as a discussion board or bulletin board, can be a great way to share news and opinions between family members or friends, special interest group discussions or businesses and private news and updates. The software to do this is freely available on the Internet and can be installed on most web hosting accounts.

The Free Forum Software

The forum software is a set of special scripts written to work on the Internet and run on a web server. There are several popular free forum software options that we will show you and explain the differences.

phpBB – phpBB is one of the most popular options when it comes to free forum software. phpBB is used by thousands of webmasters. The phpBB forum software has advanced features for controlling access to your forums and a large supportive community of dedicated users are there to assist if you have problems.

Simple Machines – Also known as SMF this is a powerful free forum software which features a Package Manager to quickly apply any of the hundreds of modifications, as well as a variety of custom themes that change the way your site looks. A good option if you are looking for some powerful free forum software for a large online community.

MyBB – Quickly growing in popularity this forum software is easy to use for administrators and forum members. Complete control of forum design and an impressive amount of modules to extent the functionality.

PunBB – A very light weight forum system with all the features you need to run a community forum. PunBB has fewer features than many of the other software mentioned here, but is generally faster and outputs smaller, semantically correct XHTML-compliant pages.

bbPress – The group behind WordPress content management system has developed this forum software that has been designed to be as small and light as possible while still allowing for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system.

Forum Software One Click Installer

Many web hosting companies will provide a one click installer for the popular forum software to make it easier for you to get started without a lot of technical knowledge. One such web hosting company is Host Gator which makes it easy to install all of the forum software listed above.


Always remember to submit your forum topics to Discussion Finder.

You can start a discussion forum about something of interest to you, a family message portal or communication hub for anything you want to talk about. The two ways to run a forum are self hosted which is when you run the forum software on your own web server or by registering for a forum hosted by a forum hosting service which is what we will focus on in this article.

Most forum hosting services will offer a free forum hosting option which is usually supported by running advertisements on your forum pages chosen by the hosting company. Often an upgrade to a paid forum hosting plan will remove the advertising and include other features only available to paid members. Each service is different so read each feature list for paid accounts to see the benefits of upgrading.

Things to Look For in A Forum Hosting Service

Make sure the forum hosting service will give you access to maintain your forum professionally by allowing multiple moderators and the ability to moderate who can view and post messages.

Make sure you can modify the appearance of your forum so it will look unique. This is great if you are setting up a forum and want to use your own business logo and theme to match and existing website.

Make sure you feel comfortable using the moderation part of your forum because you may find you will spend a lot of time moderating and posting messages.

Below is a list of forum hosting services I can recommend. They each have their positive points and things that could do with some improvements but you can try them and decide what forum hosting service is best for you.

Always remember to submit your forum topics to Discussion Finder.

When to Start an Online Discussion Forum Topic

When you first register at an online discussion forum you may already know what you want to post about but sometimes it can help to have the forum community members become familiar with you and your expertise first so you can share and learn more with some credibility in the eyes of the other forum members. You can do this by replying to existing topics and providing useful information and answers to questions already posted to the forum. Avoid making your first post to any forum an ad for your website or blog unless it really helps resolve the issue because that can look like you have signed up to the forum only to spam your website. Look to see if the topic you want to start does not already exist and if not then it is time to start your topic. This is when you can consider my top 10 tips on how to start a good forum topic below

Starting Your Own Discussion Forum Topic

When you have a question to ask or information you wish to share with the members of a forum you can start your own topic and here are a few pointers on how to make a good forum topic.

1. Check to see that the topic is not already on the forum. If there is already a topic covering your issue then it is often best practice to join that topic before starting your own unless the existing topic is closed or locked from replies.

2. Find the best category to put your topic in. Make sure your topic in posted in an area of the forum that is suitable for and only start the topic once on each forum website. Posting the same topic in more than one board on the same online forum site is annoying for forum moderators and can make you look less professional.

3. A good topic title can help people find your topic and generate enough interest to get people to reply. Give the topic a good title that includes a small summary of the issue. For example instead of “please help me” you would put “Assistance with ?? needed” so it is clear what you want and what the topic is about.

4. Provide details in your post. If you are asking a question on a forum and already have some knowledge about the topic then share what you already know and allow people to reply to that when they answer any other questions you have. Use links and imbed images or videos if they help illustrate the information in your topic.

5. Check your spelling and grammar to give yourself the highest possible chance of being seen as a professional in your field. Forums are not face to face communication so people will determine if you are conducting yourself in a professional way by how you present your forum topics and replies.

6. Make your post easy to read by using short paragraphs. Keep your topic posts clear and precise.

7. Keep to the topic and stay on the topic as much as you can. When people reply they may reply to your topic with something completely irrelevant to your original post so it is important that you reply to that and keep things on track with the original purpose of your topic.

8. Keep your topic active by replying to messages posted in it by thanking people for their contribution and answering questions they ask. You can also keep adding further information obtained elsewhere after starting your topic.

9. Keep the topic unique to the forum you are posting it to. If you start the same topic at other online forum sites do not duplicate the exact topic title or content of your posts. This can help get a variety of different replies and ads value to the forum by having unique content posted to them.

10. Learn to accept when your topic is dead. Sometimes it is hard to say good bye to a topic you started because you may feel there is much more to be said. Not everybody will see it that way so if your topic is not getting replies and not going anywhere then let go of it and try another way. Try starting a similar topic on another forum site and see how it goes on that forum. Most forums keep topics that have not had any replies and will lock them from accepting replies after a period of time so your topic can still be of some benefit to readers.

Always remember to submit your forum topics to Discussion Finder.

Promoting a forum can be hard work and knowing how to get started can be a challenge for new webmasters so here is our top 10 tips on promoting a forum.

1. Social networking sites can bring in traffic to your forum. Post interesting messages and encourage people to read more on your forum. You can also post your forum to bookmark sharing services.

2. Off-line events can be a good way to promote your forum by word if mouth. Parties, conferences, special interest groups and other social gatherings can all be good places to tell people about your forum. Remember to tell your friends and family too

3. Email signature – Make sure every email you send has the title of your forum and a link to your forum website.

4. Search engines can help bring visitors to a forum so work on being listed in all major search engines. Make sure a sitemap.xml file is being created by your forum software because this is what is used to submit a website to some search engines.

5. Web directories can be a good way to get visitors to a forum. Submit your forum to directories that are relevant to your forum. Do not go overboard here and only submit your forum to a directory if there is a suitable category for your forum.

6. Blog comments are a way to promote a forum. Find blogs relevant to your forum and leave constructive comments on blog posts . Most blog comment forms have a section to enter a website address. Try and avoid talking about your forum in blog comments so you don’t look like a spammer. Post good feedback for the blog poster and let people decide if your comment makes it worthwhile visiting the link you submitted

7. Link exchanges with sites you trust can be a good way to promote your forum. Exchange links with sites that you know are an authority in the areas your forum covers. Make sure you honor the link exchange agreement so it is beneficial to you and the site you exchange links with. If you have more than one link page I suggest a limit of 10 links on each page of your links section. Add a link to your links page in your forums footer so it can easily be found by people and search engines

8. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can bring targeted visitors to your forum. Successful PPC campaigns require a good knowledge of what your prospective forum members are going to be searching for and creating an ad to entice them to join. A lot of time PPC is trial and error until you develop campaigns that work. Start with low bids until you have a successful ad bringing you registrations and active forum members.

9. Paid text and banner advertising can bring people to your forum. Only pay to advertise on sites and advertising networks that display ads on pages relevant to your forum.

10. RSS feeds can help promote your forum be allowing people to see the latest posts in their preferred RSS reader. Make sure your forum software creates RSS feeds containing recent posts on your forum. Place a link to your RSS feed page in the footer of every page on your site. You can submit your RSS feed to some RSS feed submission services for extra promotion for your forum.

Always remember to submit your forum topics to Discussion Finder.


Promoting a forum can be hard work for a new forum owner and the hardest thing to do is get other members to register and post messages. We will show you how to promote your forum and get members

Making Your Forum Topical for Easy Promotion

The hardest forums to promote are forums about general topics. The ‘anything and everything’ discussion forum is very hard to get started and often ends up being abandoned by many enthusiastic forum owners. To avoid this happening to your forum we suggest you find am industry or area of interest to focus all the forum boards on so you will have a specific group of people who you can focus your forum promotion towards.

Start Some Topics on Your Own Forum

Start some topics on your forum so people have something to reply to when they sign up. Keep your posts interesting and on topic with the main industry of your forum. When you create your first topics remember to ask people to answer questions and encourage people to respond to the information you are posting. You can ask your friends, family or colleagues to register and reply to your forum topics. If they are not interested in assisting you then try posting to twitter or other social sites and find people who share an interest in the industry your forum is about. You may find the first few post to your forum are by people promoting something so if they do that then reply and ask them for more information or review their product in a reply so your forum gets going.

Promote Your Forum

When you have some interesting topics with one or two replies you can submit the forum topic URL to Discussion Finder. This will allow members to vote for your topic. When your topic has four upvotes at Discussion Finder it will remain in the category you submitted it to and effectively promote your forum to people looking for this sort of discussion topic.

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If you are a forum owner and do not want your forum topics added to Discussion Finder please contact us about it and we can block future submissions posted that contain your forum domain name. Please include your domain name and a short reason why you wish to have your website added to our forbidden domain filter.

Please be aware that we will only take action on requests from a valid website owner.

Your domain will be added to our internal filter and attempts to post topics listed at your domain will be blocked. This list is used only to protect web sites that do not wish to have any links from We do not distribute this list to third parties but if asked by any of our registered members we will confirm if a particular domain has been blocked due to the request of the domain owner.

Free discussion topics are taking place in thousands of online forums. Most online forums are free to join and allow their members to start new topics and reply to existing topics free of charge.

The discussion topics you can find at Discussion Finder are free to join so you can begin to correspond with people from around the world who share your interests for free. Finding free discussion topics using the Discussion Finder search form

Remember to read the forum terms and conditions when you register at each forum to know what you are allowed to post. We do want to encourage you to read them and not violate the terms and conditions of any community forum you join. Also read the privacy statement so you know what the forum owner is doing with the information to contribute to their site.

Online Forums Explained

An online forum is a website that allows you to join conversations or start new conversations with other people using your web browser. .

Most online forums are set up to be dedicated to a specific industry or interest group making them a great place to find information about something specific and share information with people that have similar interests and expertise.

Online forums are separated into categories to keep the discussions structured.

Discussion Topics Explained

Online forums are used to host discussions.  A Discussion topic is the actual conversation. Each time you start a topic on a forum people can reply and all the replies and the original messages will be displayed under the topic heading. The topic is what people submit to Discussion Finder.